The Firm

SPDA is a boutique interior design consultancy studio based out of Gurgaon, NCR. The studio was founded by Shalini Pereira in 2010 with a focus on creating contemporary interiors with a sense of understated luxury. After a steady start, the firm is starting to make a name for itself in the Luxe Interior bracket, with work being published in reputed interior design print magazines such as Home Review and Society Interiors. We are proud of the growing reputation we are gaining as a firm that creates bespoke contemporary interiors with an international design sensibility.

Design Philosophy

When it comes to our designs, we follow the "Less is more" approach and strive towards achieving an understated Luxe factor in all our designs with the emphasis being on the spatial experience for the end user. We at SPDA believe that our versatility is our strength and this allows us to create elegant designs that range from modern and minimal to contemporary-classical- with an emphasis, however, always on MODERN.

Work Ethic

A key part of the firm's ethos is the value it places on the principle of Quality rather than Quantity. We believe in creating bespoke spaces that are beautiful, functional and tailor-made towards the client's lifestyle. We are very careful to avoid run of the mill, repetitive and mass produced work.
SPDA also believes that the end user or the client has an important role in the creative process. After all, we are designing a space for them. This close working partnership between client and designer during the design process is what ensures a seamless design process and successful end result.

Our Services

We are a design consultancy firm. However the services that we provide to our clients are unique in terms of the time we dedicate to each client as well as the oversight we provide during the execution process to ensure our partner vendors deliver on the high standards of excellence that we demand from them. Our attention to detail and our core belief that every player in the design and execution process has an equally important role to play and must be equally invested in the end result, is what sets us apart from so many other consultancy firms.
While we do not provide daily oversight on the projects we work on, we have over the years, gathered around us a team of reliable and trusted vendors who have a similar work ethic and sense of dedication and loyalty as our team of designers. And by recommending them to our clients we ensure that our demands for excellence can be met during the execution process.

Founder & Creative Head

Shalini Pereira
The team at SPDA is headed by Shalini Pereira, who graduated with a Bachelors degree in Interior Design from The Institute of Environmental Design (I.E.D), Gujarat in 2004. Following this Shalini earned a Post Graduate degree in design Innovation from De Montfort University, U.K in 2006.
Prior to founding SPDA in 2010, Shalini spent 5 years as a senior designer in DGA (Dipen Gada & Associates), a leading design consultancy firm in Baroda, Gujarat. During this time she worked on many interior and architecture projects and gained experience and understanding into the intricacies of interior projects from conceptualisation to execution.
Shalini’s eye for detail, keenness towards exploring new directions in design and dedication towards ensuring customer satisfaction have been a driving force in steering the firm from relative anonymity to one that is making a name for itself in the Luxe-Interiors bracket. Her interest in travel and decor also led her to exploring and expressing her ideas further through her blog All Things Nice. She was also recognised by being invited to be a guest speaker at the School of Fashion & Design, Marwah Studio at Film City, Noida.

The Team

The team consists of a core of talented and dedicated designers. We also partner with Associate Designers on various projects in NCR.

Associate Designers

Anubhuti Mewara
AnubhutiMewara,graduated with a Bachelors degree in Interior Design from The Institute of Environmental Design (I.E.D), Gujarat in 2004. She has worked with various leading Interior Design firms in NCR and has over 12 years of experience in the industry. She has been a Freelance designer, based out of Dwarka since 2012.
SPDA and Anubhuti have closely and successfully collaborated on many interior projects over the last 5 years. Anubhuti’s ability to understand client requirements, implement and experiment with design and her project management skills help convert great design ideas into reality.